We have a vibrant workforce comprising of young energetic and purposeful adult pious and dedicated to pleasing God and doing His will on the earth.
The basic work force units include:

A high voltage, gifted and anointed choir. As their name says, when they minister, the special aura and fragrance of divinity is unleashed on you. You sure would like to sit under their sonorous ministrations.

We believe in excellence, we don't assume things will fix themselves, we have a team of well trained ushers, who would give you a very delectable taste of our hospitality. You should look forward to this when you visit.

You would sure be fired up when our “Drama Unit” minister. The word of God always comes alive when they come on stage.
The word of God has a prime place in our church and this unit ensures our study manuals are properly prepared and taught by sound teachers.
We believe strongly in the ministry of the word and prayers. Our prayer unit ensures our altar perpetually has the fire from heaven.
The use of multimedia in the propagation of the gospel has come to stay. We have a unit dedicated to this course. God by His grace is helping us to fulfil His mandate through this.
Our ministers and guest ministers deserve the best of treatments we can offer. We have well equipped and trained believers who run this unit. Every minister has the great taste of our church hospitality.
For our Church to maintain its ambiance, we have some dedicated members whose duty is to see to the cleaning of the church.
Our children occupy an esteemed position in our hearts, we do all within our ability to ensure they get the best upbringing in our junior church.
Those who fall within the teenage spectrum are given dedicated attention. We know a trained teenager is better than a repaired adult.
Youths are the hope of the future. In the Lighthouse, they have avenue to mingle with fellow young people and serve God.
Our spirit filled young female adults come together to share fellowship and get trained to fulfil their divine destiny. It's always a great time.
Our young male adults, come together, get trained and equipped for their mandate of leadership in the home and society at large.